Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sayonara, High School

The end of high school has begun to finally sink in, bit by unsettling bit. When I saw a woman eating Cup Noodles, I realized I would never buy a cup of that neon yellow MSG-ridden water again at snack from the student store (actually, that's probably a good thing). Yesterday, I remembered that I had never hugged my favorite teacher goodbye and I realized that I would never again walk into her classroom and spend hours making art. When my best friend described his future roommates to me, I realized that we're all about to leave, and though we'll come back for a few months at a time, things won't ever be the same.

In real life, relationships usually fizzle out and dissipate into oblivion, but with the end of high school, close relationships with friends and teachers are severed suddenly, because unlike in college, hanging out with your teachers outside of school is... weird.

Another strange thing about graduating is the realization that relationships you could have had, friendships that could have grown deeper, are suddenly cut short, destined by ill fate and the conventions of our educational system to peter out in their infancies.

Even though the sudden change is disconcerting and uncomfortable at times, I'm trying not to loose sight of all of the amazing people I'll meet this fall at Cal and the opportunities for growth that lie ahead for me and my friends. I think we leave the pimple-ridden pre-pubescent annals of middle school assuming that that period of social awkwardness is over. College, though is just another time for rapid, probably awkward change.

So, though leaving my friends and my school and my teachers is uncomfortable and disconcerting,  I'm looking forward to college as a delightfully awkward, probably hormonal period of growth and discovery.


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