Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Flirt With Your Crush

Tips and tricks to snag your crush! (maybe)

  • Acquire his number for homework help, and then tell him your life story over text.
  • Send him cute pictures of you doing everyday stuff, like washing your cat or sorting the laundry to let him know you're down to Earth.
  • Wear clothes that are as short and revealing as possible, especially when it's cold. Your goosebumps will show him your dedication to looking good for your man.
  • Always refer to your crush as "your man".
  • Smile a lot when you're around your man--he'll want to make sure you have healthy gums.
  • Offer to do his homework for him. It's not cheating when you do it out of love!
  • Offer him a hand massage every day after class.
  • If you're looking bad, put on a ton of makeup until you look like a normal human again. God forbid he should know what you actually look like!
  • Trip and sprain your ankle in front of him. If he shows any concern within the next two weeks, he is your one true love.
  • When it's time to tell him how you feel, act it out in pantomime; actions speak louder than words!

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