Sunday, July 12, 2015

Love at First Swipe

To the guy I was talking to on Tinder last night:
It was great to meet you today! Somehow the initial meeting of two people who have never met before is the most awkward and terrifying thing to me. Good thing we got that out of the way when I ran into you while shopping for specialty jam with my entire family in tow! Our conversation was great, and I opened up a lot more than I would have guessed I could with someone who I don’t know at all. You asked me (and my dad) “What are your plans for today?” and I responded, “This is it. This is our big outing for the day.” And I wasn’t even making that up so you would like me. I know it’s a turn on when a girl spends her free time wandering around malls with her family, and that’s really the most exciting thing I’ve got going on any weekend. In fact, as I write this, and probably as you read it in a couple of hours, I am sitting in bed eating chocolate and thinking about whether my new shoes might be available in a half size smaller. I’m just a normal girl doing normal things. Speaking of normal things, running into you at your place of work just 12 hours after you told me you worked that was a total coincidence, I swear. I mean I couldn’t have planned it better myself if I had tried, but I didn’t plan it at all, which is basically a giant flashing sign from the universe saying “MEANT TO BE.”
And now that you ask, I guess I’ll just have to be upfront with it: I don’t have anything going on after six tonight. I’m not 21 yet, but maybe we could grab a drink? Like boba or some fresh-blended grass juice? You could pick me up and say hi to my dad again, or you could skip saying hi to my dad, but either way, do you think you could pick me up? I don’t drive. Oh, and my curfew is at 11.
Can’t wait to see you!

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