Tuesday, July 14, 2015


All hail Taco Tuesday, my favorite designated day of the week that celebrates good tortillas and good fun. Today I took Jean out of my pocket, and after dusting some scone crumbs off of her it was time to partake in the Freaky Fiesta I had planned for us. For our first freaky activity, I suggested to Jean that she eat a large container of margarita salt. Because she is a cat and she is made of plastic, she had no choice but to agree to my ingenious plan. While Jean was busy becoming perilously dehydrated, I took a moment to set up the piñata. When that was ready, I told Jean that she had permission to stop eating the margarita salt, but she had already finished the whole thing! She is such a fiend. Then I told her it was time to help bat at the piñata. I explained since I was the only one with opposable thumbs and a body not made of plastic, I would take her turns too. To this Jean made no reply, probably because she is an inanimate object but also maybe because she was catatonic from high sodium intake. Either way, I swung at that piñata like nobody’s business until all of the dry pinto beans I had stuffed it with came pouring out. They hit me all over my head and shoulders and arms and that’s when I realized that pinto beans are actually very hard when they are uncooked! This was a great discovery and now I have even more reason to celebrate Taco Tuesday since it is now the day I made it hail dry beans from a smashed cardboard container. Freaky!

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