Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Here's a picture where you can't really see anything except... look! Important people in funky chairs and huge Emmy statues. How fancy. Pharrell was there, I promise. 

I'm going to to tell you about Friday night, but before I do, let me preface this story by saying that I, too think my life is crazy. 

So it's Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, and I'm trudging home after choir practice. I'm not thinking about anything much except Sweet Jesus, why don't I drive. I walk in to my parents sitting on the couch. They ask me about my plans for the evening and then coolly tell me we've been invited to see "some guy named Pharrell Williams perform tonight in North Hollywood." Okay, yes please!

The night was billed as a talk with a panel and then a performance by Pharrell. What actually happened was this: we filed into a small theater and listened to the men who run the Grammys beg voting members of the Television Academy for an Emmy for two long hours. Read four old white men taking a self aggrandizing trip down memory lane while LL Cool J, Pharrell, and Nile Rogers looked on and lent some star-power clout to the other guys. 

I did realize from the talk that Pharrell is completely deserving of the success he has achieved. Throughout the presentation he was humble, eloquent, and very knowledgable and passionate about music. I guess I should have realized this before, but people who make it big are often really talented individuals (sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake).  

Finally after sitting and listening to the old guys talk, Pharrell performed "Happy", accompanied by the marching band from Los Angeles High School. I felt a lot of solidarity for those kids because I, too, have spent way too long locked up in music rehearsals after school. Children, I feel your pain. 

To end this post I would like to mention that some random guy who presumably works in television told me that I was funny after overhearing some snarky remark I made about the reception. Yeah, that's right, world. Even if you think my writing's lame, someone out there thinks I'm funny. Booyah.

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