Monday, June 23, 2014

Hire Me!

With my bundles of cash, I plan to buy this bronze boy, because if you can't find a real-live bronzed and toned boy, I say use the dinero to buy a boy made of bronze instead. 

I'm really lucky. I haven't had to work all throughout high school, because my parents give me a small (okay, tiny) monthly allowance. 

As you probably know, I just turned 18, so I've decided to get a job. Instead of getting a job at Stonefire or Jamba Juice, I've decided to go for something more chic: Nordstrom. I really think I'm a great candidate for a job at a place like Nordstrom. I'm stylish, articulate, and I will tell you if look like crap. I will help save you money by talking customers out of making their purchase because Really? You need another pair of dark wash skinny jeans? I'm also very focused and goal oriented. I plan to quit this damn job as soon as I have enough money to buy a ticket to France. But don't worry, I'm completely committed to Nordstrom in the long term. As soon as I run out of cash, I'll be back and my schedule will be totally open, so I can work overtime! I just can't wait to become part of a community; a community that gets you great discounts on really nice clothes. 

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