Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life lesson

improv4charity crew muggin'

Hey, hi, hello again. If you don't recognize me, don't worry. I'm not offended. It's been a while. Did you do something new with your hair? It looks nice. I’m sitting here typing like God dammit Alexandra be funny!! (and we can all see how well that’s working). I guess I could jump right back into posting the normal junk with no explanation for the hiatus, and people wouldn’t really care one way or the other, and that’s all fine but I think that there needs to be at least a little bit of explanation, if only for the selfish reason that it means I can put off posting something that requires more work. Also don’t you care at least a little bit what I’ve been up to? Sure, you do. I mean I know you’ve been dutifully keeping tabs with me on my pretty website, but that’s where I get to post photos with nice filters and this is where I get to let loose. So buckle up.

So this blog fell to radio silence on October 23rd, a day like any other. And why did it fall to radio silence, you ask? A number of reasons including acute procrastination, loss of interest, loss of inspiration, loss of dignity, etc. Do I regret it? Truthfully, I do not. I’m really talented at creating multiple unnecessary side projects for myself which are inadvisable to continue during school, and this blog is unquestionably one of them. Now that school is out, though, I’m sort of trying to get it back up and running again but who knows what will happen??? Children, this is a lesson that nothing, not even a scheduled post to the internet, is predictable.

So where did I go in the interim, you ask? Was I pushed by an unfathomably powerful force into a vortex? Well if the force is schoolwork and the vortex is Berkeley, then yes, that is exactly what happened. (Also, Berkeley is the nicest vortex I’ve ever encountered, though stress levels run uncommonly high.) Since taking the plunge into said vortex, some cool stuff has happened. My hair changed color twice, and as a result I accidentally dyed my entire body green and then pink. (Martian invader or extremely sunburnt, you can take your pick!) I tried my hand at a comedy magazine. Then on a whim one Sunday evening, I decided I would audition for an improv team for a better fit, and by some random stroke of luck I made the team. Auditioning for improv4charity was one of the best decisions I made all year because now, I can be a contributing member of society by getting up on stage and making a fool of myself. I think this is the first time I’ve done something charitable since I donated cans to a food drive in fourth grade when I was bribed by my superiors with the promise of pizza. Now to get me to do charity work you can bribe me with much more adult things like the promise of companionship or, at the very least, access to free alcohol. 

Of course, college is not just about debauchery. It is about debauchery and learning. My studies did occupy me, including the time I decided it would be easier to get up at 4 am to watch a lunar eclipse than it would be to try and count the number of visible stars in a patch of sky the size of a quarter, the time my building’s trash shoot caught fire and I was evacuated until 2:30 am the night before a midterm, and of course the time I tried and nearly succeeded to write a 12 page term paper the day it was due (I ended up with 10.5 pages). College has taught me that I can be stupid to a point, and knowing this is pretty darn comforting after spending the entirety of my life previous to college being responsible to a fault.

What’s my point here? Stay in school, don’t do drugs if you don’t want to, tie your shoe laces, laugh a lot, and don’t expect too much from anyone. We’re all human, we all screw up; the bumps keep us engaged.

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