Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Being Hip

Yesterday, I spent too long on Facebook stalking... myself. And the conclusion I came to, besides Thank god I had braces, was Wow I'm actually really hip.

Damn I look cool standing on the train platform with my sunglasses and that bag I bought in Paris last winter. 

Who's that girl in the mom jeans and the awesome bob? Oh, that's me. 

Yeah, that's right. I'm wearing a velvet jacket and combat boots.

I have actual friends who actually live in France. Oui, oui.

Oh hello, casual rock star friend. 

Let me snap a picture of you with my pearly purple Polaroid. (Can I get some snaps for that alliteration?)

That casual turban.

Now I feel a little bit gross. Like a really big narcissist. And also hello, hi internet! I spend time stalking myself on Facebook and don't you judge me for it. I know y'all do it too.

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